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The power or ability to be successful, having the capacity to grow and endure, being physical or mental energized in order to excel, get the job done (right) and being happy in working life. Van Vuuren hr-consultant can bring that to your company.


What We Can Do For You

The 4 pillars of van Vuuren HR-consultant are;


This involves managing the vitality of your organization and employees in order to achieve business objectives.

Coach 4 HR

Coaching HR professionals Certified via Nobco. Learn more by clicking here


HR (Operations) MANAGEMENT

I help you managing your HR department and align HR Processes followed with smooth HR Operations


In order to achieve the desired end result for all parties, I deal with every HR issue with a project-based approach.

My HR Story

Hi, I am Wendy van Vuuren, born and raised in North Holland and moved to beautiful Amsterdam in 1996, where I still enjoy working and living.

Started my HR career in 1998 and loved it since day 1. I can’t imagine I will ever stop in this fantastich part of business.

From the start of my career  I had the opportunity to work in great teams where I could work on all areas of Human Resources. My main focus has been on helping and leading teams with professionalization and creating smooth HR Operations.

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