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“Our Logo symbolizes a kite. A kite empowers you, it pulls you forward. The mission of Van Vuuren HRConsultancy, is to follow the example of the kite: To get you where you want to go with Human Resources in your organisation!


01. Vitality Management

This involves him managing vital organization and employees in order to achieve business objectives.


Following HR processes, performing HR analyzes using an HR system in such a way that the organization and employees are well served and that laws and regulations are complied with.


Managing your HR department. Ensuring that your employee (s) are coached and trained, that the right processes are carried out at the right time and with the right quality.

Van Vuuren HRconsultancy


Wendy Mirjam van Vuuren

Van Vuuren HR Consultancy an international focused HR Professional

An international focused HR professional with many years of experience, who is passionate and result oriented.

Experienced in branches: Business services, IT, ICT, Banking, Retail, Food, Manufacturing, E-commerce.

I have extensive experience in HR projects and HR Change relating to digitization and E-HRM, setting up, optimize and changing HR departments, globally with a strong focus on HR Operations. During assignments I shape, plan, direct and professionalize all areas of Human Resources that includes and not limited to organisational changes, digitization, compensation & benefits, employment law, Employee Relations, Onboarding, Payroll, Performance Management, Talent Management, HR Processes, HR Policy & Procedures, Employer Branding, Recruitment, Health & Safety, Vitality and Wellbeing, Employee Development and Employee Engagement.

An HR professional who aligns to the objectives of the organization while maximizing employee potential by fostering a positive work environment that promotes employee morale by developing interpersonal relationships within all levels of the organization utilizing attentiveness, trust, and respect.

My specialties: Working in international companies with a global scope and responsibility. Experienced in all aspects of HR subjects and not limited to Global HR policies. Examples are:

  • E-HRM projects (digitization)
  • HR Operations (Procesmanagement)
  • HR Change Management
  • Comp&Benefits
  • Performance &, Talent Management
  • Vitality
  • Restructuring,
  • set up, build, lead and professionalize HR (operations) teams to the next level in a company

My DISC workplace profile is primary Influence and secondary Steadiness.

From a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality I motivate others in my team as well as myself. By working with a goal oriented mindset, following a plan, we work towards the end result together.



About Wendy van Vuuren

I started my career in Human Resources in 1998. As a true people person, I knew that I had made the right decision to work in Human Resources. I love my workfield! From the beginning of my career I have worked on a variety of HR Assignments. From Recruitment to building and managing global HR Teams with a strong focus on HR Strategy, HR Operations and Digitization. 

Since 2010 I only work on freelance, interim basis as I experience that I can achieve even more together with teams as there is a strong focus.

As a freelancer I am described as an fun, dedicated, loyal, hardworking and transperant.  

As an Interim HR Professional I am at my best working in a diverse team of HR professionals in organisations undergoing change, where collaboration, trust and openness are a key factor, preferably in an international environment.

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