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The era in which benefits such as expensive lease cars and state of the art laptops were the main employee benefits and reason to switch jobs, these are behind us.

Employees are now mainly looking for Meaning, Development and Fun in their work. Especially now that the labor market has changed again from an employer to an employee market, you cannot ignore it; you’d better take into account the intangible wishes of your employees.

You can make your staff, and therefore your organization, lucky with personal development through personal coaching: Coaching 4 HR Professionals!

Coaching 4 HR Professionals

part of the HR manager

Everyone is primarily responsible for their own development. Supervising and conditioning the development of an employee has an important task for the manager.

Sometimes an HR manager takes up this role, but because more independent reflection is usually desired, an HR manager as a personal coach often turns out not to be an ideal construction. There must be more than a click, objectives must also match and the coaching style must match the type of employee.


The main precondition for a successful coaching process is trust. You will only see the results of coaching when someone has 100 percent confidence in their conversation partner and feels safe. By using an external party, an employee does not run the risk that his information will leak out or that this will unexpectedly return like a boomerang in an assessment interview.

In the eyes of the employee, a coach will always wear two hats in the eyes of the employee. It is therefore inadvisable to carry out a professional coaching process as an HR manager. The advantage of external guidance is that an employee will feel more free to raise the issues that concern him.


“Without you I couldn’t have taken take the next step in my career”

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